Real Estate

Real estate law in Texas requires an in-depth understanding of many different aspects of the real estate industry, including drafting and reviewing agreements, managing closings and sales, performing title searches, and negotiating mortgage financing.

This area of the law also extends to drafting agreements with professionals, including engineers, architects, or contractors, as well as negotiating and creating commercial leases and resolving disputes between landlords and tenants.  Home owner's associations also need representation regarding issues such as formation and management.

Acquisition of Residential or Commercial Properties

For a buyer or seller of residential or commercial real estate, closing a real estate transaction can be very complex and stressful.  When an individual or a company decides to purchase property, the buyer has to research the property, secure financing, and ensure that the buyer's interests are protected.

Experienced real estate transaction attorneys can assist buyers and sellers in a variety of ways.  The attorney can serve as an advocate for the client and ensure that a client's interests are fully protected during a real estate transaction.  For instance, the parties might need to negotiate a variety of issues, such as when the closing date should occur, identify improvements that need to be made to the property before finalizing the contract or other contingencies, and verify that the seller is conveying clear title.  A lawyer advocating on behalf of the client will be able to clearly outline a client's concerns, negotiate a solution with the opposing side, prepare the necessary documentation, and ensure that the transaction is completed in a timely manner. 

Another highly important part of property acquisition is the drafting, review and completion of critical real estate documents, including loan and mortgage documents, deeds, insurance documents, and real estate purchase contracts.  These documents must be reviewed closely because both buyers and sellers of property have certain legal rights and duties that must be expressed and protected in writing.  An attorney will review these documents and draft any additional conditions necessary to protect the client's interests. 

Furthermore, if any unexpected concerns or questions arise, such as real estate tax concerns or title issues, a real estate attorney can assist in resolving these problems.  If you are contemplating the sale or purchase of real property, or need assistance with a real estate issue or dispute, Wigington & Dankesreiter, L.L.P. provides experienced and knowledgeable legal representation.  Contact us today for a consultation.